All you need to know about compost.

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Welcome To The World Of Waste And Worms

Compost questions answered! Here you can learn what making compost is all about, how it can be used when gardening and all the benefits associated with it. In fact, this is a sort of Composting 101, where I do some checking into the life inside these sometimes smelly bins and then pass the information on to you. We will learn of the bugs and bacteria that inhabit this world and talk to the people who are passionate about gardens. We will meet those who see this as a method of re-cycling, those who accept it as one of the basic components of the cycle of life and of huge importance to the future of our planet, and to those for whom NOT gardening with this amazing substance is almost unthinkable.

Here, you will discover all sorts of  facts (and some opinions) about how best to deal with your organic waste.  Making compost using the correct methods is important.  Incorrect handling can result in pollution, smells and the spread of disease. This is hardly desirable when one of the great benefits of composting is cutting down on rubbish otherwise destined for land-fill.

We will also look at how to compost in different ways, including worm farming, bokashi composting, and the treatment of manure.

Compost at Chartwell

Composting at Chartwell

Find out what you can safely put into your heap and what you should avoid

There are lists of suitable and not so suitable ingredients and there are notes on what are commonly referred to as ‘composting essentials’. Check out the most popular ways to start up, from basic, backyard methods to the more complex; from major garden projects to systems suited to tiny spaces and even systems for indoors.

The amount of effort you put into this is up to you.  Once you  decide whether to be an arm-chair composter or whether you prefer to be a more hands-on operator – just as suits you and your style – you can choose the system you prefer, work out what equipment you require and which of the methods you favour.  In any case, you will achieve great satisfaction when you are finally making your own  ‘black gold.’

Learning how to compost will prove to be one of the most valuable lessons of your life.

When you spread your first load you will really appreciate the great sense of pleasure that comes from producing strong, healthy plants and a wonderfully fertile soil that is a joy to work. Making garden compost provides you with a product that comes at minimal cost and that you can be sure will be uncontaminated by chemicals and disease. You will be surprised by the superior quality of the plants that you will produce, both vegetables for your table and flowers for beauty.

So – should we bother?  We say,  YES! The time for composting is here!

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