About Clevercomposting

ceo of clevercompostingHi there – I’m Barbara Moss, crazy about clevercomposting and a member of the ‘I seriously support composting’ brigade!

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions:

  • What is composting all about and should I bother?
  • How does compost happen?
  • What is wrong with just throwing my waste into the rubbish?
  • What is worm farming all about?
  • Can waste be composted indoors?…

Or if have you just wondered if land-fills are really so bad and if composting  does bring with it the rewards that it is rumoured to do, then…

WELCOME! – you HAVE come to the right place.

Followers of Clevercomposting believe that making compost is one of the most important activities that anyone can undertake to support our fight to keep our planet productive and healthy.

We explain why we think this  and we suggest practical measures you can take too. These will have the added bonus of supplying you with free fertilizer and an amazing soil amendment that will boost production in your garden beyond all expectations.


We offer loads of straight-forward, basic information and discussion about composting, including…

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Different methods
  • Different systems
  • What to compost
  • What not to compost

You will also find features on worm farming, Bokashi fermentation and other not quite-so-familiar techniques.

We have videos illustrating various aspects of composting such as making leaf mold, mulching, worm farming, building compost piles and more.

We have a Facebook Page and a Google+ page where you can contribute ideas and ask questions.

You can sign up for our regular up-dates and receive our free guide to your first steps in composting with no obligation.

And finally, we have a small shop – ‘garden gear’ where we review various items of equipment that you may find useful should you take up the challenge and start to compost yourself.

Once again – Welcome to our page about Clevercomposting. We are pleased to see you.

Collecting straw for the compost

Barbara is retired and living in the UK  having moved there from New Zealand  3 years ago.  She is fulfilling her retirement dream, pottering in the garden, reading and learning about composting and computers.  She also visits gardens a lot, and is a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and Vermicomposters.com

Her working years included raising a family, teaching, owning a cafe and several shops  and eventually developing and managing a ‘chain’ of opportunity shops. Definitely the best job of the lot!

“A bit more sun would be good!”