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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies With Diatomaceous Earth

My friend John is a serious Worm Inn fan. Back in the fall, he upgraded from the standard model to the Worm Inn Mega. Bigger system, more worms, more processing power…but also more trouble if something “goes wrong”! In John’s case, this came in the form of a fruit fly

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DIY worm farm using two bins

Worm Bin – Which to Choose?

Install a worm bin for the absolutely best quality compost! Questions to ask and answer  when choosing a worm bin. Are you going to make your own, or buy one? Are you going to...

worm bin

Worm Farm Composting

 Worm farm composting, as a means of re-cycling kitchen waste, is becoming increasingly popular. Using a worm farm for making compost is all the rage both on the home front and increasingly, in the corporate...