Worm Farm Here at Last

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  1. Sarah says:

    My new worm bin arrived on Friday!

    The one at the community garden is now being looked after by someone else, although he still has a bit to learn… I put a laminated “worm menu” up next to it though. He keeps putting a new tray on before the last one is full, and emptying the bottom one too early. They are also given whole apples, cooked food and goodness knows what else. The towel I put on top to keep them moist ended up in a middle tray. Ah well, what do I know. The worms look happy and they are busy laying eggs. We’ve had them nearly a year now and they finally seem up to full speed.

    I decided to get my own to keep on my balcony and provide castings for my balcony planters. I haven’t ordered the worms yet (or opened it and set it up) as I may be moving soon. It’s taken over a month to get a courier to successfully deliver it and I didn’t know that before. So I’m going to hold off for a while.

    • barbaram says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I am still waiting for my worms. It is a long drawn-out process, isn’t it? I laughed when I read about your worms and what they are eating. I have read thousands of words about doing this and each person has their own “rules”. No citrus – citrus, tomatoes – no tomatoes, holes in bin – no holes in bin, opaque bin, yes – opaque bin, not necessary. Goes on and on. Same with Bokashi. I think we tend to over-analyse, maybe. Anyway I’ll tell you after a month or so of looking after mine. If I end up with a ‘deadliness’ of worms I will have to get a grip, start again and hope that second time proves more successful. It seems a bit hard that the worms will have to pay the price, though.

  2. Hilary says:

    Here’s to the arrival of the extended family!

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