Compost Equipment – Time to Shop?

Compost equipment

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2 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I have that harpoon one but it doesn’t fit in the mouth of my dalek compost bin!

    I don’t have a thermometer but I can tell my bin is running hot when the mice move in and the worms move out… and when it’s rotting down faster than I can fill it up. I filled the top half of the bin with plant waste yesterday, I’ll check again in a couple of weeks’ time and hopefully there will be room for the rest of my plot detritus.

    • Barbara Moss says:

      Some users reported that the harpoon ones also tend to get caught on any large twigs etc and can prove difficult to extract from the compost, especially for those with weak shoulders and arms.
      I feel the warmth bathe my face when things are swinging along and since I am a ‘cold composter’, I just murmur a quiet ‘thanks’ and carry on….!
      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. Always look forward to your contributions.

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